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After the financial crisis hit North American businesses, many new lenders emerged to service the small businesses that banks were suddenly unwilling to give credit to. Creditera aids business owners in establishing trade accounts, registering with credit bureaus, getting the best loan rates, and monitoring their credit for faster funding, optimal cash flow, and more business opportunities. Their credit service helps small businesses get the money they need, when they need it, so that American businesses can continue to flourish even during a time of economic downturn.

Now Creditera is bringing their professional services to individuals, providing a free standard account that will let anyone check their credit scores without hurting their credit. A good credit score is your passport to competitive interest rates for mortgages, cars, credit card offers, job offers, insurance premiums, and more. Get approved for a nicer home, lower your insurance costs, and finance big purchases when you have a good credit score. Know in advance whether landlords, businesses, and employers will see your score and get a positive reading of your financial responsibility.

In addition to showing you your score, Creditera will monitor your credit for possible warning signs of problems like identity theft. Identity thieves are creative people who use distraction, deceit and creativity to garner information about individuals and companies that can be used to compromise credit cards and bank accounts. At the gas pump, online, and even at trusted financial establishments, everyone is at risk for fraud. Creditera will email you if changes occur to your credit score, allowing you to act quickly to minimize damage if you've been a victim. They'll also provide credit error dispute assistance so that if someone mistakenly charged your card for a purchase, you can get your money back and avoid bad marks on your credit.

Creditera will help you build your credit, avoid getting bad credit, and provide you with financing options. There's no credit card required to get your free personal credit monitoring and credit service from Creditera.

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