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Surfing brings harmony and balance to life. From the time you spend with good friends getting to the beach, to the peaceful anticipation of waiting for the next set to roll in, to the minute you hit the water and see the first sets break, to each adrenaline-pumping second you spend making the drop and speeding down the line. Not to mention when you're back on shore celebrating your heard-earned triumphs (and epic wipeouts) with a cold one.

These are the moments you live for. And Yana Surf exists to bring you those moments…but better.

Today's surfers seek stewardship of, and deep connection with the waves they ride along with style, quality and of course performance in the equipment they use. The solid feel, smooth glide and beautiful design of Yana's handcrafted Balsa Wood surfboards delivers on all accounts.

Yana Surf works with some of the world's top wood surfboard shapers to create environmentally friendly, one-of-a-kind hand-shaped balsa wood surfboards that embody the soul of surfing in a way that soulless foam core can only try to imitate.

Try surfing as nature intended - on wood - and get closer to the harmony and balance that surfing offers.

Get a free Gabi Surf Poster. This display quality poster (suitable for framing) is 19″ x 27″. It's printed in brilliant full color on heavy weight recycled 80lb poster stock with matte finish. They can also arrange for a personal autograph from Gabi by special request.

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