$250 Beer & Football Gift Card


The eight billion dollar professional football industry may be built on your love for your team, but while you're busy cheering them on, beer brands are competing for that same level of loyalty. Whether you choose beer by the way the label looks, how it tastes, how much it costs, who else drinks it, or which sports and teams it officially sponsors, the big brands are shelling out big bucks for your business.

Budweiser® is the both the leading brand and sponsor in the global beer market, but in America, it depends on the popularity of Bud Light® and competes directly with Coors Light®. Bud Light® became the best-selling beer in America in 2001 and continues to outsell Budweiser® by over 50% in convenience stores, having sold $187.7 units by case in 2013. Despite its strong lead, Bud Light® continues to maintain its visibility and association with football as an official NFL sponsor for upwards of $1 billion per year.

The MillerCoors portfolio includes both Miller Lite® and Coors Light®, top competitors of Bud Light®. When Budweiser® stepped in with a huge bid for NFL sponsorship, they diverted much of their sporting sponsorship budget towards the NHL. They do continue to sponsor teams on an individual basis, however, building huge loyalty with fans of league teams.

Your brand choices help marketing and research teams determine where they'll spend their money and how they'll reach their present and future customers. Choose your the beer you prefer on game days and participate through the link below to receive a free $250 gift card.

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