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eListR is a leading online free classified site in hundreds of cities and towns across Canada, USA and worldwide. If your locality is not listed, just let them know so they can add it. They offer a user-friendly platform for individuals and businesses alike to post free ads. Their main goal is to make the buying and selling of items simple, comfortable, and faster for you.

On eListR you can buy and sell anything. Think of eListR as a stepping stone between sellers and buyers. Posting classified ads also plays an important role in SEO. It's the best way to ensure that your websites get indexed by all the popular search engines and climbs up the search engine results pages (SERPS) as fast as possible.

Free classified ads also help you gain credibility which in turn offers you access to a global market that's larger than you ever imagined. Moreover, by posting on eListR you can reach out to almost any place on the globe.

They help market your business beyond your geographical boundaries.

Search engines visit well-know classified websites like eListR on a daily basis, greatly increasing the chances of getting your ads indexed fast.

Their website is very user and mobile device friendly, with a simple layout.

No registration needed, although registering a free account will give you access to your own account page, loaded with helpful tools to post, organize, communicate, share, even print signs and flyers from your ads.

Free classifieds are a trusted, recommended and established internet marketing tool. Also it is a great way to build up back links.

They are there to help you buy, sell, swap and advertise your items, websites, and business for free.

Posting on eListR is also far better than paying SEO companies and advertising agencies to help you reach your target audience.

eListR is an ideal tool for newbies as well as pros to buy, sell, and advertise their brand and promote their goods and/or services.

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