Herbicide Classification Poster for Farmers


It's time to rethink weed control. To think beyond a single season and work towards long-term solutions. It's time to take action against herbicide-resistant weeds. Controlling herbicide-resistant weeds can be challenging, but it's a challenge we can fight together. Take Action is an industry-wide partnership between university weed scientists, major herbicide providers and corn, cotton, sorghum, soy and wheat organizations to help you manage herbicide-resistant weeds. Use their website to learn how you can diversify your weed control techniques to fight herbicide resistance.

Why are some weeds more prone to resistance? What makes some weeds more competitive than others?

Two questions, one answer. Weed biology.

Understanding weed biology is essential to effective weed management. Because that's the kind of knowledge it takes to take control of the most troublesome weeds.

Effective weed management starts with knowing your weeds. It's about knowing when they grow, when they pollinate and stopping them before they go to seed. It's about recognizing their strengths and exploiting their weaknesses. It's about delaying the evolution of resistance and taking control of herbicide-resistant weeds.

Weed identification can be tricky. Sign up for free Herbicide Classification Poster. Plus find out more about the eleven weeds that pose the biggest resistance threat to your farm with free fact sheets.

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