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Large companies spend millions to billions of dollars annually on product development and market research. As a member of the Sample Cube community, you can let these companies know more about the role they play in your life and get rewarded for sharing your opinion.

The Sample Cube community is seeking panelists from diverse backgrounds, with diverse lifestyles to voice their opinions about the products, services, and issues that affect their lives on a daily basis. As a consumer, you'll have direct input into decision-making process at companies and other organizations that need to know what their customers want. By taking Sample Cube surveys, you are helping drive the future of the products, services, and issues that matter most to you.

You'll earn points for the surveys you take, and it's always up to you which surveys you'd like to participate in. The information you provide when you sign up will dictate which surveys they send you, depending on the demographic the survey is targeting. Surveys often take about 10-15 minutes and can be done at your leisure. Once you've taken enough surveys, your points can be turned into online gift certificates at

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