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Matt does most of the writing for Hippy Basement. Giving his stuff away is only the latest bad choice in a long series of poor decisions in Matt's life. Matt went to law school where he specialized in technicalities and the perversion of justice. And before that he was an English major. It was under the tutelage of his professors in English that he gained his keen sense of business economics and figured he could make money by giving his stuff away for free. Like all English majors, Matt enjoys reading books nobody cares about, but only because they make him feel superior to others. Someday, he hopes to be responsible enough to own a dog. For now he'll try to remember to buy a scooper to get his dead goldfish out of the water tank in the back of his toilet.

Jesse does the photography work for Hippy Basement. He's a mild mannered reporter by day. And by night...well, he's still a mild mannered reporter by night. Jesse is newly married. So he's learning all about his flaws and imperfections. Back in the day, Jesse played quarterback for his junior high football team, but only because he grew up in the hood before the read-option became popular. Regularly mistaken for a junior high student, Jesse spends his time now failing to bulk up and failing to grow facial hair.

Brandon runs the website and makes the important decisions. He's the brains behind Hippy Basement. It was his idea to give their stuff away for free. He's also the hippy behind Hippy Basement. He once wore Crocs and basketball shorts to a wedding, his wedding. He doesn't have a basement though. So they're not quite sure where they got that. Brandon went to law school, occasionally finding time for class. Now you can find him walking the dusty trails of Arizona disc golf courses with his fellow hippies.

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