Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Baby’s First Circus Program


Moms and Dads! Children of All Ages!

Parenthood brings many wonderful firsts - your baby’s first tooth, your baby’s first steps... and of course, your Baby’s First Circus!

That’s why Ringling bros have created the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Baby’s First Circus SM program for parents and their newborns (up to 12 months old and living in the continental United States).

For more details visit the Ringling Brothers Website.

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  • By: prissycrissypoo

    I HATE any circus that abuses and exploits animals. It also sents a bad message to children about caring and respect for all animals. I hate you Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. What a greed-based idea to market toward parents and newborns.


  • By: iluvfatbones

    Well I, for one, love the circus. The clowns. The pageantry. The river-dancin' poodles. I mean, c'mon. I once saw a clown who was riding a tiger who was also riding an elephant. And the whole time, he just kept juggling audience members' car keys. Nobody even went home that night--we all just hung out and read magazines.

    Ringling Bros. has this new act wherein a flipper man swims around in an aquarium on wheels. Clowns just push him around while he performs all manner of nautical feats! If you met this guy on the street, you'd probably say, "Poor guy. His arms and legs are flippers. I think I'll give him the change I got back from when I bought that delicious Subway sandwich." But seeing him on stage, paddling upside-down, doing flips, eating raw fish and what-not, well, he's a star! And that's the magic of the circus.

    In summation, I am taking full advantage of this fabulous freebie and letting Ringling Bros. train my baby to be a star! And I hope one day, she IS the clown that rides the tiger that rides the elephant. Because magic like that changes lives, sugar babies. Magic like that makes parenting worthwhile!