Vets Prevail for Military: Free Gift Cards


In order to figure out what challenges you may be facing as a returning Veteran, Vets Prevail starts off by asking you some simple questions about your basic situation and the barriers you may be facing. Then they drill down further, learning about your motivations and goals so they can build a detailed profile. Based on that profile, they structure a customized program that is just for you.

Your personalized program will allow you to:

-Work through a dynamic set of interactive lessons that help you learn about issues you may be facing and techniques and strategies to overcome them

-Work with peer coaches who will listen to you and help find solutions to any challenges you may be facing

-Ask questions and learn from other users just like you (all anonymously)

The Vets Prevail program is easy to follow. They will lay out a number of levels for you, and each level will have several to do's that you will need to complete to finish the level.

All the while, you will earn points as you complete more and more of the program. Once you get enough, the points can be redeemed for rewards like gift cards to some of your favorite restaurants and stores.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States