Win $1500 Worth of Maps International Products


Maps International is the largest online resource for Maps and Map gifts. They have created a large range of business mapping products and educational maps, as well as recently extending their range of art maps and map wallpaper.

Maps International is the partner company of Lovell Johns Limited, a leading cartographic and mapping solutions company.

They're giving away $1500 worth of prizes this Christmas. You have the chance to win 8 fantastic prizes.

Every time they get 500 LIKES on their Maps International USA Facebook page they will give away a prize. There are multiple chances of winning so enter now to improve your odds.

500 LIKES WIN - Laminated World Wall Map
1000 LIKES WIN - Laminated World Wall Map
1500 LIKES WIN - The World Is Art Map
2000 LIKES WIN - USA Wall Map
2500 LIKES WIN - Pinboard Mounted Personalized World Wall Map
3000 LIKES WIN - Historic 17th Century 'General Carte of the World'
3500 LIKES WIN - Medium Framed Art Map
4000 LIKES WIN - Art World Map Wallpaper

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States



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