Free Udder Cover for Nursing Moms & Friends (S&H)


Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing. Forging a powerful connection between mother and baby, mother's milk delivers the best nutrition that a baby can get, in addition to antibodies that prevent illness. Portable, convenient, natural, and free, breastfeeding continues to be a popular way to satisfy babies when they're hungry.

Udder Covers allow mothers to comfortably breastfeed their babies in comfort, style and confidence anytime, anyplace. Mom can avoid the discomfort of gawkers and put others at ease when she keeps her breasts under wrap under funky covers. Chic and stylish patterns make a statement about mom's independent spirit but also act functionally for her needs. A rigid neckline gives the mother direct eye contact with her baby while the cotton allows the comfortable circulation of air. The neckline is also fully adjustable and Udder Covers are easily machine washable.

A $35 value, you can order an Udder Cover for free with the code PJBABY. You can also receive free breast covers with the coupon code THANKPADS. Pay only shipping for a free Uddercover; keep it for yourself or give it as a gift.