Free Month of Phone Service from eVoice


Save time, reduce costs, increase mobility, and project a more professional image with eVoice. A cloud-based phone service being used increasingly by small businesses, you can try it free for a month with this no cost trial offer.

eVoice is a simple, easy to use phone system that answers every phone call your business receives with a professional greeting and routes the call to whichever extension you like. Routing to your office, cell phone, or landline means that you'll never miss a call. You can also add a toll-free number to your business account, making even a small local business more recognizable, seem larger, and appear more credible in the eyes of a customer. Real estate agents, wedding planners, caterers, and other service providers across America have found that adding a toll-free number increases their appeal with a broader range of customers. According to eVoice's Communication Strategies and Challenges Survey conducted in June 2011, sixty-eight percent of respondents saw the competitive advantage of having the right area code or 800 number.

eVoice offers an auto attendant service so that even if you can't afford a receptionist, you'll project a professional business image. In the event that you are in a meeting and can't take a call that's been routed to you, eVoice will transcribe your voice messages and send them as texts to your cell phone.

Get a local number, a toll free number, call routing, an auto receptionist, and voicemail to text service from eVoice. Sign up for a free trial and you will not be charged if you cancel before 30 days expire. Save time and money while improving your business with eVoice.

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