Religious CDs from Audio Evangelism


Audio Evangelism (AE) is a work of the church of Christ in Clinton, IL. The concept for AE, developed by Stephen R. Bradd and Patrick English, originated as an alternative to "The Truth in Love" Radio Program they had been hosting live for many months. It was eventually determined that the radio program was not fulfilling its initial purpose--i.e., to be an effective, evangelistic tool in central Illinois. The program had a small, but faithful, following of listeners, but most were already members of the Lord's church.

As the radio program was discontinued, AE was born. AE is also an audio-focused Bible teaching tool with transcripts made available for those who desire such. The AE site is divided into two primary sections: Daily Bread and Sound Words. Daily Bread is composed of devotionals (all under five minutes in duration). A new lesson is posted every weekday. Sound Words is a weekly feature of approximately fifteen minutes in length (posted every Saturday). The aim for all devotionals and lessons is faithfulness to God's word, the Bible. The hope is that AE will be an effective tool for evangelism and edification, and that it will aid people in studying the Scriptures daily (Acts 17:11).

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