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Baby costs are high enough before they leave their crib and start walking. As your child grows, they need their own space, resulting in the need for an extra bedroom, bigger apartment or a larger home. They'll also continue to outgrow their clothes at an astounding rate that has most parents scrambling to keep up.

A bigger child also means a bigger appetite, in addition to the ability to verbally express their food preferences. The grocery list will expand, and options like preparing and freezing homemade baby food are no longer viable options to save money. Toys get more expensive, too, as they're targeted to encourage development in specific areas. Finally, daycare and medical costs continue to whittle away at your paycheck.

Toddler Savings has daily deals designed to help families offset the cost of caring for their young ones. Beyond deep discounts on the clothing, toys, accessories, and diapers that your child needs, they also have free stuff chosen just for toddlers. It's free to sign up as a member and receive free savings for your toddler.

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