USAF Heartland of America Band CD


The USAF Heartland of America Band is an innovative and professional military music organization dedicated to providing local, national and global audiences with incomparable musical products while directly impacting the overarching Air Force mission. They further endeavor to serve our nation's Air Force by cultivating both patriotism and kinship while bridging cultural barriers utilizing the dynamism of music.

The United States Air Force Heartland of America Band strives to:

* Enhance Airman morale, esprit de corps, and retention.
* Encourage young men and women to serve in the Air Force.
* Increase public awareness and understanding of the armed forces and the mission, policies and programs of the Air Force, enhancing public trust and support.
* Strengthen the reputation of the Air Force as a good neighbor and as a respected professional organization charged with part of the responsibility for national security.
* Provide highly flexible musical ensembles to support the Comander of Air Combat Command and combatant commanders' priorities.

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