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Hosting Space

Founded in 2003, Hosting Space is an award-winning web hosting provider, specializing in highly available, affordable hosting plans for thousands of individuals, businesses, and mission-critical enterprise hosting transactions. Hosting Space provides its services through three iron-clad guarantees - a 30 day money back guarantee, a 99.9% overall up-time guarantee, and monthly up-time guarantees, variable for each hosting plan. The Hosting Space company is well known for its exceptionally responsive customer support, knowledgeable technical support, attractive web hosting packages and a lot of free services available with each hosting plan. The company also stands behind a commitment to environmentally-friendly hosting, including paperless billing and strategic energy usage.


  • By: harryxfiles

    Hoting Space provides excellent hosting.I have hosted with them on for 2 years,and have never had any problems, least of all with the speed of bandwidth allowances.


  • By: michaelfilip22

    After being with many hosts over the last 6 years i have found Hosting Space to be far away the best there is for price and customer support. I have had 100% uptime and with the extra features i get with the resellers package its totally worth it.


  • By: support

    My name is Petar.I use Hosting Space  as my webhosting provider for over 2 years. I have many websites hosted with them personal plan.My opinion about Hosting Space: they are number 1 in shared hosting. That includes: uptime, features, price, and an important one, 24/7 online support.I recommend this webhosting company.


  • By: luciadomini

    If you need the best web hosting company, I can assure you Hosting Space is the best. The quality of the hosting is really good.The hosting features are really wonderful.I recommend this company.


  • By: davidjames

    Hosting Space has great products and exceptional service. I am very happy I decided to go with them after being referred from my friends. Not only is the price very low, but the quality is very high. You don't find that to be true of many products these days.


  • By: selenatranquila

    I transferred my website to Hosting space over a year ago, at which moment I was really disappointed with my former host. Since I’ve been with them my website started to grow a lot easier and became my only living.


  • By: herbertadams

    I'm very much happy with Hosting Space.They are really awesome. They have provided lots of features for a very affordable price.I especially want mention their support. They are really great. I will recommend anyone to this company.


  • By: stylesaman

    Hello I am Roger. Previously I had some bad experience with some other hosting company but when I moved to Hosting Space I was stunned by their quick and quality 24x7 support and their respect to the money of the users.  They are providing good features and good hosting plan with affordable price.


  • By: tutstuff

  • By: bookstorq8

    The price and services are unbeatable. I easily got my domain up and running and haven't been experiencing any problems. For this price and service I'll definitely keep my domain with Hosting-Space!


  • By: dellmood

    I''m hosting with Hosting-Space for a 4 years and everything is perfect with them,no problems at all.If you need good webhosting this is it.I recommend!!!