Win $1,500 in Baby Products


While you're pinching pennies to cover the cost of a new baby, you're probably also daydreaming of all the high-end products that you would buy if you had the money. Complete a free survey from Consumer Expressions and you'll be entered to win $1,500 in popular, safe, and adorable baby stuff.

The costs of being a new parent can be offset by using coupons, accepting hand-me-downs, and buying used clothing, toys and furniture. However, every parent wishes that their baby could have the safest stroller and hottest new development toys. All of the extra bells and whistles that the best brands provide aren't just for show; they often make daily chores like putting your baby in the car seat or taking them out for a walk faster and easier.

Consumer Expressions does have a reward program for all kinds of consumers, but you only need to complete one short survey to be entered to win a grand prize of $1,500 in baby products.

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  • United States


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