Free Listing of Handmade Items


Crafts Home Made is the place to sell, buy, or even trade crafts, homemade and handmade items and art work that you have made.

Why should you buy there? It is the one place where you will find:

* New Products added often
* One of a kind items made with love and care
* The prices are set by the authors of their products
* All transactions are done through Paypal

List your first homemade or handmade item for sale for free at Crafts Home Made. Simply visit the site and click on the sign up to sell your items tab and then follow the directions. Under the add the price and text button add totally free stuff to the price. An example would be $10.00 totally free stuff. The website owner will list it for free for as long as it takes to sell it. This offer is for one item only. Additional items can be listed for free and has no time limit but after it is sold there is a 10% commission that is due 30 days after the item is sold.