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On-Screen Keyboard Software Open Beta

The Internet has two inseparable tools. You can't live online without a keyboard and mouse. While a mouse is your partner in browsing, the keyboard is what really provides the meat of your online productivity. However, these tools have been challenged with the advent of television connected computers.

The PC was never designed to be operated in the same manner that we watch television. When you use a computer, you sit in a chair inches from the screen boldly punching keys. However, when you are kicked back on the sofa with a remote in hand and a beverage in the other, you lose the convenience and effectiveness of a fully connected desktop experience.

Centercode is testing a new software application designed to provide you the perfect software companion for your connected TV. Using an innovative new design, this software promises to make surfing the web, responding to email and ordering your favorite goods online easier and without a physical keyboard.

If you have a Windows 7 desktop or laptop that is regularly connected to your television, this project is something you will want to explore. Join now to help innovate and improve your TV connected PC with this great new software.

This is an open opportunity. If you have never tested before, here is a chance to show them that you know how to test. This is also a great companion piece to a home theater system and you have a chance to help determine its direction. Their client is open to ideas and is seeking your input on how to improve this software.

Qualified testers will be given immediate access. All that they ask is that you share your feedback on the performance, usability and functionality of the keyboard. Apply now to see if you qualify.

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