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If you've been caught driving under the influence of alcohol, you can be facing jail time, probation, community service, suspension of your driver's license, and heavy fines. Although there will be consequences for your actions, having an experienced attorney fighting for you can greatly decrease the severity of your DUI.

Beyond immediate consequences, having a DUI can also affect your current job or ability to get a new one in future. Serving time in jail or doing community service can conflict with your work schedule, and not being able to drive can keep you from getting to work on time or at all. In the worst case, you can be fired because your job requires an active driver's license. Some employers check their employees' driving records periodically and frown upon "drunk driving", and most employers run background checks on job candidates.

Deciding if you'll inform your employer of your DUI is exactly the reason that you need to speak with an attorney right away. Find a qualified and experienced attorney in your area quickly and easily through the link below. They'll give you a free consultation and quote quickly and efficiently.

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