School Recycling Interactive DVDs & CD


The Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County is the governmental agency responsible for providing an economical and environmentally conscious integrated solid waste management system for Palm Beach County, FL.

The "Educational Learning Tools" Interactive DVD is an entertaining and educational DVD for students of all ages. The DVD encompasses three separate presentations that will teach students about the ins and outs of the Solid Waste Authority while focusing on the right way to recycle in Palm Beach County.

The "Planet SWA Virtual Recycling Tour" Educational CD lets students in kindergarten through 5th grade explore "SWA Land" by listening to a tour hosted by the SWA puppet show characters. The tour is grade specific and is followed by a group of questions where virtual tokens are given for correct answers. Even after five tokens are collected, the games are continued until the session is finished. There is also a teacher's corner which provides the opportunity to get support materials for their own lessons.

"The Big Tour" Interactive DVD takes an in-depth look at each facility that is part of SWA's integrated waste system, including the waste-to-energy plant, the compost facility, the two materials recycling facilities, landfill operations and more.

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