$5-$50 Specialty Coffee Gift Card


The Career Project is an online study that is designed to gather real information about the careers of real people. Eventually, the information you share will be used to help those whose career path is undecided on the TheCareerProject.org.

There are two documents that they would like for you to fill out: the "Career Chart" and "Career Questionnaire." Please complete them to the best of your ability and comfort level. Be as honest as possible. You will remain anonymous to those viewing your answers, and your personal information will remain confidential. You must complete both to be considered complete. They do random employment verification so please list your work email or work phone number.

For your participation you will receive a "Specialty Coffee Card" ranging in amounts from $5.00-$50.00. For legal purposes they cannot disclose the brand name of the coffee shop but rest assure, it is probably the one you are thinking of and can find on any street block in the United States.

Register today. You will be able to work at your own pace.

They are having technical difficulties at the moment but the form should work sometime today.

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  • By: thecareerproject

    Hi everyone,

    We are in need of more career mentors! Please go to http://thecareerproject.COM today to register. To see where your information goes and helps thousands of job seekers go to http://thecareerproject.ORG!

    If you have any questions please email info@thecareerproject.org.


    Alicia Schwartz


    Director, The Career Project