The Disturbing Questions of God CD


The Baby-Boomers and Busters and the kids of today are the "new unbelievers." They don't go to Christian meetings, understand Christian words, or know the Christian Book, the Bible. They are ready for Jesus, but not reachable through conventional means.

The new worldwide youth culture is the largest unreached people group in the world-60% of the world is under 24. They listen to the same music, watch the same media, battle the same issues-and need the same Savior.

The "most devastated adolescents in America" are surrounded by death, addictions, and spiritual darkness. For years, there has been little or no youth ministry to Native young people. They must have a chance to know about Jesus Christ, their only hope.

Most Christians want to make a greater difference with the rest of their life than they have until now. That stirring in the souls of Christians for something bigger is often God's call to join Him in His rescue mission for the spiritually dying people around them. He is summoning restless Christians to be rescuers, and Ron Hutchcraft Ministries must motivate and equip them to answer His call.

God's questions are meant to cut right to the issue - straight to the heart. In "The Disturbing Questions of God", Ron challenges us with a few of those questions that we would be wise to ask ourselves.

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