Free 1-Yr Purple Hoot Membership (E-Cards)


Purple Hoot is the world's first real eCard company. They are a brand new business with a unique approach to the world of greeting cards.

The idea was a simple one - to replicate the same experience of giving someone a paper card but in digital format and sent by email.

Do you know that eCards have been around almost as long as the web itself - there is probably not a single internet user in the world who has not either sent or received an eCard.

Millions of people send eCards and giant corporations run the biggest eCard sites but the problem is eCards are not real cards.

Purple Hoot is different because:-

1) Their cards arrive in virtual envelopes. Yes, those things that you open to get a card out. As far as they are concerned if it doesn't come out of an envelope it's not a real card.

2) You actually open their cards. The whole point about a real card is that you look at the front, you laugh or cringe, and then you actually open the card to read the inside. That process has existed since greeting cards began and they now deliver that experience in a 3D digital environment online.

3) You can keep their cards forever. This means both the person sending the card and the recipient can store the card forever in their own private area on the site. No more searching through dusty cupboards on your hands and knees. Their cards stay crisp and clean whenever you want to revisit them.

4) You can create your own unique card by uploading a personal photo or image as the front cover. Then with their tools you can personalize this cover, adding speech bubbles and other amusing and entertaining features for a true one-off special.

5) They are the only company to offer many of the same cards you find in store but as eCards. This means you can find all your favorite ranges and something for every occasion.

Their cards are simple to create and stunning to receive.

You can sign up for a free one-year membership today. Use the coupon code below.