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Lab Manager Magazine® is written with those managers in mind and has the distinct editorial mission of providing practical information on business, leadership and staffing as well as the industry and technology news needed to effectively manage today's lab.

Every issue of Lab Manager Magazine® will concentrate on the following areas:

Leadership and Managing People: Find a wealth of ideas, including insights from leading business thinkers and management experts to help you improve your leadership and management skills.

Science Technology and Operations: Stay current with emerging technologies that advance life science and analytical science research.

Lab Design and Furnishings: Follow the latest trends in laboratory design and furnishings in creating an environment that advances the organizational goals and meets the needs of the people working in your lab.

Lab Safety: Learn about the latest trends in maintaining a safe laboratory environment-from chemicals to ergonomics, health and safety in the lab is a key priority.

Computer Corner: Learn about the hardware and software that will help you manage data, equipment, and, ultimately, productivity.

Business and Finance: Be business-wise when it comes to investment decisions for your lab. Looking at the lab as a business is changing the way laboratories are being run today.

Product Focus: Buy equipment and products with the information you need on features, improvements, and innovations.

How it Works: States a typical problem in a lab and how a product or service solves it with a focus is on improving laboratory performance, throughput, and/or results.

Now What?: Offers quick takeaways on a laboratory topic in a question and answer format on a topic relevant but not limited to laboratory equipment, process, operations, and services.

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