Coupon for a Free Transcan at AAMCO


What does it mean when that Check Engine light comes on? Well it could be anything from a major transmission repair to your gas cap being too loose. The important thing is to just get it checked. And for a limited time, your guys at AAMCO will give your car or truck a thorough external check and computer scan.

They call it Transcan.

They will check out your check engine light and check your car or truck's transmission fluid, road test, perform a system check and a computer scan-an $85 value yours free with the coupon.

Hurry this is a limited time offer. Print your coupon and bring in your car now.

You can locate a center at the top of their website.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States



  • By: anyoldmouse

    If you have a CHECK ENGINE light come on in your car, many auto parts stores will check and clear the codes for free. You can check your trans fluid if you just open the hood and look in the reservoir. If it's low or dirty, you need to have maintenance or repair work done and AAMCO is a good place to have it done.