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  • By: rosewatson

    i signedup for this, didnt get one last time

    can anyone suggest something for sinus headache? has to be high blood pressure friendly..i feel like im dying out here.. :((



    • By: babybarnplus

      Sorry you feel bad Rose. How about a nasal spray? Your last savings pass may have ended up in your spam folder.


      • By: justannie

        Hi Rose, sorry you feel bad. Try rubbing vicks in the effected area (around nose and along cheekbone) Go in the bathroom and turn shower on as hot as you can stand it and sit in a "steam/sauna" for about 20 minutes. Take a book in if you have to. It also helps to take a hot wash cloth as hot as you can tolerate and apply it to the vicks afater a while. You may have a runny nose for a while while the sinuses are draining. Hope this helps and you get to feeling better.