HP Product Test Panel


Hewlett-Packard's Imaging and Printing Organization is looking for people to evaluate their prototype products in their home or office. These evaluations are performed with your computer along with an imaging and printing device or software that is supplied by Hewlett-Packard.

Testing involves two different programs: Beta & Delta. The following is a brief description of these programs.

Beta Test Program

Beta test programs provide Hewlett-Packard the opportunity to see and experience how their products perform in a customer's environment. Beta products are functional, but the products are still in the design phase. Beta programs offer them a chance to interact with customers, gaining insight on their needs and behaviors in the use of their products.

Delta Test Program

Delta test programs provide Hewlett-Packard the opportunity to validate a product's design in a customer's environment. Delta focuses on the overall experience, from installation, to day-to-day use, to support and service. The idea is to identify and address customer issues and concerns before the product is introduced. Delta programs are held just prior to their products becoming available for purchase.

*Apply today for your chance to test and keep products or test and return your product and get compensation.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States



  • By: babybarnplus

    I just filled this out and when I logged in I got to apply for a possible product test this year. It was asking me questions about photo development at home. Fingers crossed :)


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