Stone Age Rock CD Sampler


Stone Age is the band that can make your club, party or event a rockin’ good time. Their music captures the sounds of the 60’s, 70’ and 80’s, featuring classic songs and original compositions, great vocal harmonies, and tight musicianship. They have a distinctive blend of pop, country, soul, blues and good old straight ahead rock and roll.

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  • By: morganfreeman

    My family was listening to this album all the way down to the beach, which would have been about a 7 hour drive, all was well until I came to a halt at a traffic light then some girl popped outta the bushes and attached a large slab of ribs to my 2004 Toyota Camry causing my car to flip onto its side. Now my 8 month old daughter is in intensive car AND my car is in the shop...That was a yabba dabba bad day for me. On the brightside I love that solo where the gui ROCKS out on the turtleshells!!!