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Instant Pot Cookbook: 99 Easy & Healthy Everyday Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Recipes

- Have you heard about Instant Pot from your neighbors, colleagues, relatives or friends but still don't know if it's worth getting your own?
- Maybe you already have a pressure cooker in your kitchen, but you haven't really used it?
- Do you only have a little bit of time each day to spend on cooking?
- Are you always in a hurry in the mornings and struggle to find time to cook breakfast for you or your family?
- Or do you just want to make healthy and tasty dishes every day without all the hassle and wasted time?
Well, we've got great news for you - you can find the solutions to all your worries in this one handy cookbook!
It contains a collection of 99 amazing recipes designed specifically for the Instant Pot electric pressure cooker.
Cooking delicious meals has never been easier!
The book includes recipes for:
- Breakfasts
- Beans, grains, and pasta
- Soups and chilies
- Vegetarian meals
- Seafood
- Poultry
- Pork, lamb, and beef
- Vegetables and side dishes
- Desserts
Recipes are easy to follow and suitable for anyone, even complete beginners.
Meals are designed with nutrition in mind, ensuring a healthy, as well as delicious diet.
All recipes in the book are hugely versatile, allowing you to branch out as you gain confidence in your cooking abilities and go well beyond the 99 meals initially provided.
Regardless how you like to eat, you'll soon discover the Instant Pot pressure cooker has more features than you ever thought possible in a single device, giving you all the options you could ever wish for.
And with this cookbook in your kitchen you'll be well on the way to discovering a whole new world of cooking, one where meals are quick and easy to make, and oh so rewarding to eat!
Pick up a copy of the book and start cooking today!

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