Huge Surplus of Emergency Tool Kits - Get One for Free (S&H)


A HUGE surplus of over 500 emergency tool kits! So yours is free!

This compact beauty includes a waterproof storage compartment for small items and...

A Multi-function tool card
A Can opener
A Side knife
A Straight screwdriver
A Ruler
A SOLID hexagonal wrench
A Clyburn spanner
A Flint for starting a fire ANYWHERE!
And so much MORE!
Plus the kit Includes a SOLID Multi-functional pliers with LED flash light, knives, scissors and key ring with 4 individual screw driver heads!

Start a fire, chop wood, screw in screws, open cans, get FOUND with the ultra loud whistler and much more.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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