Free LIVIN Decal


The LIVIN Foundation promotes a positive outlook on life, reducing the stigma associated with depression/mental illness, & ultimately preventing suicide. Complete the online form and they'll send you a free decal for your car.

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  • By: Kaitlin Anderson Daeges

    Hey everyone this is Paul Thomas the founder of the LIVIN Foundation--we are a small non-profit located in Minneapolis Minnesota and we are extremely grateful that our #LIVIN movement for mental health awareness & suicide prevention is now reaching all over the country and the WORLD! Wow! We've been blown away by the response and are doing everything we can to make sure that everyone that wants to join the movement by displaying a decal is able to. However we definitely didn't have it in our original budget to ship 1000's of these all over the world so I'm asking you that IF you are in a position to donate to our mission (even $5 or $10) please consider doing so as a "PAY IT FORWARD" so that more people can be a part of this movement. You can do it right on the website We thank you in advance for helping us to START THE CONVERSATION, REDUCE THE STIGMA, & GET BUSY #LIVIN! Much love, Paul Thomas "PT"