Unfortunately the "Free Scream Whistle for Self Protection (S&H)" offer is no longer available.

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Free Scream Whistle for Self Protection (S&H)

Most preppers don't think survival whistles are essential pieces of survival gear (much less camping gear)...but they're wrong.

This extremely loud whistle emits an ear-piercing sound, which can be heard over a mile away (allowing others to easily find you if SHTF).

The Micro Whistle's pealess design also works in every weather condition, won't get gummed up, and won't freeze to your lips. Add this super loud whistle to your camping gear, survival kit, and bug out bag now to help you prepare for disaster.

Just one puff of air creates a piercing sound so loud (100 decibels) it could be heard above the loudest rock concert. Imagine how bad that'll scare bad guys and how easy that sound makes it so you can be located if you're ever lost. It's 100% waterproof, easy to use, incredibly lightweight: Free, just pay shipping!

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