Proactiv Teen Duo 30-Day Supply + Free Gift Just $29.95


Introducing ProactivMD Essentials - prescription-power acne treatment without the prescription! Featuring retinoid adapalene. Best for combo, oily skin types. Now you can add the power of Rx to your skincare routine without a prescription! Experience ProactivMD, the easy-to-use, comprehensive healthy skin regimen including cleansing, toning, hydration and sun protection, plus the prescription strength, acne-clearing power of Adapalene Gel, the first over-the-counter retinoid approved by the FDA in over 30 years. Your skin is going to love it!

For this special offer, you can order a 30-day supply of ProactivMD Teen Duo + free gift for only $29.95, plus free shipping.

Here's ALL the deets:

You will receive in this order:

1. Deep Cleansing Face Wash
2. Daily Oil Control SPF 30
3. Adapalene Gel Acne Treatment
4. Another Bottle of Deep Cleansing Wash
5. Blackhead Dissolving Gel
6. Charcoal Brush Gift Set

For today's 30 Day Teen Duo, you will be charged 1 payment of $29.95 with FREE shipping and handling for this shipment.

Subscription Terms:

Approximately 3-4 weeks after your first order is shipped, and then approximately every 12 weeks thereafter, you will be sent a new 90 day supply of ProactivMD. Each shipment will be charged to the card you provide today, in three installments, approximately every 4 weeks at the guaranteed low price of $29.95 plus $3.99 for shipping and handling per installment, unless you cancel.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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