Free Steel River Karambit Knife with Curved Tiger Claw Blade (S&H)


Some knives are your day-to-day workhorse. Some are designed for specific tasks - woodworking, survival, cutting your steak.

This Insane Karambit took an ancient warrior's blade, dipped it in demonic Kool-Aid, and then brought it back for you to enjoy.

When you are in a fight for your life, the spring assisted opening feels like it is in a hairpin and is ready for actions in a fraction of a second!

The action on this thing is crazy as hell.

The menacing design was entirely based on self-defense. The ring on the heel of this knife gives you a devastating glass punch - that will also mess up a jaw bone or two as well.

If you want the best, most devastating defensive weapon that you will never have to reload - Then you will want to click and get yours free today!

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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