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Free Children's Picture Book About Friendship

Based on a true story, award-winning writer Tamiko Pettee crafts this charming tale of true friendship that inspires both parents and children to consider how our use of digital devices can affect our relationships.

Jake Hedgehog is a boy who loves to play with his friends. He becomes sad and lonely when he discovers that his best friend, Sam is more interested in his phone than in playing with him. Jake takes desperate measures to remedy the situation and ends up jeopardizing their friendship.

Based on a real-life experience her son had with a friend, the author crafts this enchanting narrative with adorable illustrations which reminds and inspires readers to think about the importance of digital manners.

In addition to the free eBook, three free gifts can be downloaded from the author's website:

The audio version.
The video version.
The printable activity pack.

Ends 1/25/2019.

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