Unfortunately the "Valentine's Day Themed Barkbox for Your Dog" offer is no longer available.

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Valentine's Day Themed Barkbox for Your Dog

BarkBox is a delivery of 4 to 6 natural treats and super fun toys curated around a surprise theme each month. Bark & Co hand picks the best all-natural treats and innovative toys to match a dog's unique needs, including allergies.

Each monthly dog joy starts at only $22, but it's valued at over $40!

Get the exclusive Valentine's-themed BarkBox as your first box! BarkBox created an exclusive experience stuffed with adorable sweet toys, deliciously themed, a tasty chew and a whole lot of love. Order yours now while supplies last! It'll be delivered to your dog's doorstep by 2/14. Show your pup how much you love them with this one-of-a-kind treat from the crazy dog people at BarkBox.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • Canada
  • United States

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