Accu-Length Golf DVD


You don't have to cut down your golf clubs to make them accessible for juniors anymore. Accu-Length makes the only expandable Junior golf club.

If you would you like to see more about the Accu-length Junior Golf Club System, visit the Accu-Length website and submit a request for their free educational DVD.

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  • By: taylor parker

    My son is taking a P.E. class this semester, and for his final the teacher has assigned all of the students a research project. They had to choose one sport that they wanted to learn more about and he chose golf. He obviously knows nothing about golf, because he's never been exposed to it at all. My husband and I have never been into sports, and so obviously golf hasn't really been a popular topic at our house. Are there any good golf dvd that we could get him that would help him learn more about the elements of golf and how the game is played?