Free DNA Test Kit


Do you know anyone who has had a heart attack or cancer? A friend who suffers from diabetes, blindness, or migraines? Or a family member who fights addiction, obesity, or mental illness? Odds are you do. Genes for Good aims to work toward cures for generations yet to come by generating and analyzing an enormous database of health and genetic information. They need tens of thousands of participants.

As a participant in Genes for Good you have a unique opportunity to learn about your health, behavior, ancestors, and how you compare to other study participants.

As you complete Health History and Health Tracking Surveys, your information will be entered into a research database where it can help them understand the links between different aspects of health, behavior and environment.

At the time of this writing you must complete 15 Health History Surveys and 20 Health Tracking Surveys, although this is subject to change as more surveys become available.) Genes for Good will then send you a spit kit free of charge with a return mailing envelope. They will obtain genetic information (DNA) from this sample for research. The DNA will be frozen and stored indefinitely in a secure laboratory that is supervised by the researchers.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States