Free Credit Card SafeGuard - Digital Theft Protection (S&H)

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Credit Card RFID Block - The Card Safeguard was designed with an advanced, proprietary metal alloy that creates a unbreakable force field around up to 6 RFID enabled credit cards, debit cards, your drivers license, military ID or passport at a time and block any transmission of your personal and financial information. This technology is far superior to any of the other "cheap" RFID blocking technology you see from their competitors... In fact, the Card SafeGuard even beats the current RFID blocking technology used by the military!

The Credit Card RFID Block - The Card Safeguard retails for $49.99 but for a limited time only you can get it for free. They only ask that you cover the cost of shipping and handling which is $7.95.

Now any crook with a $25 scanner from Amazon can read all the information on your cards and passport with the press of a button. Don't fall victim and lose your hard earned money. Protect your credit card, bank accounts, and identity with your free Card Safeguard.

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