Free Julep Holiday-Themed Nail Polish Box (S&H)

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Pretty is precious.
It's dainty. And polite.

Pretty follows the rules. Never speaks out of turn.
And always asks for permission first.

Let's stop it with the pretty, please.

It's time to take that box of crayons called makeup.
And draw outside the lines.

Whether doing the boldest eye or nudest lip.
All that matters is that you're trying it.
And having fun with it.
Knowing that there are no mistakes. No judgments.

Because pretty shouldn't be something
defined for you.
It's whatever you choose.

Julep believes everyday looks and trying new trends should be easy, effortless, and inspiring--reinforcing founder Jane Park's philosophy that beauty should do more than make you look good, it should make you feel good, too.

Julep is offering new customers a free holiday-themed beauty welcome box. Click through the link and take the quick quiz. Next choose a box of color cosmetics & skincare products only, nail polish only, or a mix of both. Use code NEWMAVEN at checkout. Only pay $2.99 S&H.

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  • United States

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