Free 7-Day Love & Money Couples Challenge


Finding someone you want to share your life with is an amazing accomplishment but there's a lot of work ahead. It's not easy to marry two different perspectives on life, two different lifestyles, two different careers, and two families. Even trivial things like annoying habits can cause discord but according to a recent survey by SunTrust Bank, 35 percent of all respondents experiencing relationship stress said money was the primary cause of friction. According to research done by Kansas State University, arguments about money are also the top predictor of divorce.

It doesn't matter if you're an accomplished businessperson, a savvy parent, or a street smart shopper; almost everyone could use help with optimizing their finances. At Bright Peak Financial, they're dispelling financial myths and providing users with sound financial information that will help them achieve their goals and secure their futures.

Over 100 years ago, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans was founded to provide customers with better options for financial planning. Brightpeak Financial is a division of Thrivent and now provides modern advice for the forward-thinking Christian.

Making a financial plan that works for both of you can strengthen your relationship and fortify it against future strife. Brightpeak Financial's Love & Money Project invites you to take their 7-Day Couples Challenge. Register to participate in 7 days of saving activities that will help you grow closer with fun challenges, tips, activities, and strategies to strengthen your communication. Save money, plan for your future, and emerge a better couple with the free 7-Day Couples Challenge.

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