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Mike Slobot and Cara Mia, A.K.A. "Mike and Mia" have been married for 17 years and have lived everywhere from Florida to NYC to North Carolina…along with their 2 doggies.

To be honest, neither one of them paid much attention to the news or politics until Donald Trump decided to run for president. After hearing his take on current events and what needs to be done to fix America, they began to realize just how important this 2016 election is.

If you take the time to really listen to what Mr. Trump says and ignore the media sound bites created to discredit him, you will find a man with a big heart; he genuinely cares about people from every background and truly wants to "Make America Great Again"!

They started to show their support for Donald Trump. Their goal is to bring awareness to his campaign with insightful writing, and make really cool, colorful "Trump Art" for everyone! They hope that you will enjoy their website.

Remember, November 8th is the day we need to get out and vote for Donald J. Trump!

They have created some free Trump posters that you can download and print to distribute in your area. The images are sized for standard 8.5 x 11 US Paper. Click on the images located on their website to link to a high quality PDF that you can print on your own computer or take to a local copy shop and have printed. If you have trouble opening the PDFs, you may need a PDF program like Adobe Reader to open the files.

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