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Wendy's founder Dave Thomas had years of restaurant experience behind him when he was charged with increasing sales at four floundering Kentucky Fried Chicken locations. Having increased profits by paring down the KFC menu, Dave opened his own restaurant in 1969 with those same principles. The simple menu featuring made-to-order hamburgers, "secret recipe" chili, french fries, soft drinks, and the Frosty frozen dessert saved labor costs so that Wendy's could charge their customers low prices for tasty food.

When other quick-service restaurants were using frozen beef and mass producing food, Wendy's developed an innovative method to prepare fresh, made-to-order hamburgers. They still serve those fresh, never-frozen patties today. With boneless chicken wings and healthy salads, there's something for every taste.

When everyday people sort through all the 'spin' there is one quick-service restaurant that is 'A Cut Above' ... that's Wendy's ... they stand for honest food ... higher quality, fresh, wholesome food ... prepared when you order it ... prepared by Wendy's kind of people ... people that believe this is My Wendy's ... they do it Dave's Way ... they don't cut corners.

Even if you have a car, sometimes you want to relax and forget about parking or enjoy a few drinks after work. Uber offers an affordable alternative to walking, taking the bus, hitching a ride with a pal, hailing a taxi, or asking your significant other for a ride. You can often get where you're going for under $10 or even less when you split the fare with a friend.

Uber provides customers with all of the options they need to get where they're going, generating ample demand for their services. uberTAXI is simply a taxi hookup, giving customers the regular taxi experience without a phone call. uberX offers an affordable ride in a range of hybrid and mid-range cars while uberBLACK will pick them up in class in either a high-end sedan or SUV curbside in minutes. Finally, when a party has expanded to over 4, the uberSUV or uberXL option seats up to 6 people.

Customers don't need to carry cash to get amazing service, style, and convenience from Uber; it's all done through the Uber app. Uber's wildly popular, expanding across the world to provide a ride that's convenient, safe, and fast.

Get a free Uber ride and help give a child a home. Use code: 4Adoption and Uber will give you a free first ride and Wendy's will donate $5 to the Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption--a nonprofit organization that helps find adoptive homes for children in foster care across the U.S. and Canada.

For first-time Uber riders only. Maximum discount is $15. Limited time offer.

Code: 4Adoption

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