Free $50 General Assembly Tuition Credit


Since they were founded in 2011, General Assembly has become the leading source for training, staffing, and career transitions. Their pioneering work specializes in upgrading skill sets with today's most in-demand skills. They foster a flourishing community of professionals pursuing careers they love and invite individuals to sign up for free to explore their futures in coding, data, design, and marketing. They boast more than 25,000 global alumni, over 250 expert instructors, and 2,500 hiring partners.

Just a little off the top describes the Daily Skimm, where they're delivering just the cream of what's new online. Join the millions who wake up with them every morning with the updates that are the talk of the town. Vanity Fair calls theSkimm "a must-have survival guide for any professional." What they're referring to is water cooler talk that's about reality, not reality TV. Getting more engaged with your colleagues and higher-ups in a social capacity can put you on the map and on the fast track to advancements, plus hey, your friends might find you more interesting.

Become more marketable when you sign up for news, career advice, special events and more at General Assembly. Register with your Daily Skimm account through the link below and receive a free $50 tuition credit.


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