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Check out this t-shirt. It embodies LiveIntentional's "why": Be Present. What you see in-front of you are hands jutting out from someone's torso, and holding a phone. Looks like every person you see walking around these days, right?

So what does this have to do with "Be Present?" Everything...

The idea originated when LiveIntentional's CEO, Matt Keiser, was spending an afternoon with his family and friends. And he caught himself; standing around, looking at his phone, engrossed in work, while missing some of the amazing things going on around him. He wasn't himself when he had his phone out. It was an alter ego. Sometimes it felt like there was a beast inside of him feasting on his attention (hence the monstrous look to the arms on the t-shirt.)

Matt was physically there with his friends and family, but he wasn't present. And it was this realization that led to a powerful life-changing moment. He was so inspired, that he created a reminder of the moment--of the importance of being present-- in the design of this shirt. Monstrous hands, emerging from his torso, holding a cell phone. This has become LiveIntentional's most popular and most recognizable t-shirt, both because it's such a unique design, and because it's a reminder of their company "why".

Over time, being present expanded beyond a work mantra. Which is why when you come to one of their offices you'll see the motto and the logo reflected everywhere. In essence, "Be Present" now has three layers:

"Be Present" with your family and your friends. The single most important thing you can do is to be present where you are with the people most important to you.

"Be Present" with your peers and colleagues. Turn your phones off. Close your laptops. When you're in a meeting, of two or twenty, be present in that meeting and give your peers the respect and attention you would expect in return.

"Be Present" for their customers. Advertisers. Publishers. Brands. LiveIntentional's goal is to help them "Be Present" when and where their customers are paying attention.

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