$2 off a Covergirl Lip Product


Taking a chunk out of your spending can be time-consuming if you're clipping coupons, juggling club cards, and sifting through special promotions. At SmartSource online, they're making it easy to save on the things your family needs.

With coupons delivered in over 1,600 newspaper inserts across the U.S., SmartSource is one of three companies that control almost all the in-store ads and grocery coupons in the United States. Due their huge influence in America, their database of coupons is amongst the biggest and the best. Top brands using their service include Saputo, Heinz, Pedigree, Nabob, Procter & Gamble, Kraft, Rubbermaid.

With over $7 million in annual sales, CoverGirl caters to the woman who wants to experiment with their look and play up their natural beauty. Although they're known for their eyeshadow and lipstick, CoverGirl continues to focus on foundations, highlighters and mascaras which improve natural beauty at an affordable price.

Benefit from brands trying to reach you when you print local and national coupons for health, personal care, baby, household, pet and food products. From contact lenses and eyelash curlers to coffee creamer and dog food, watch your grocery and drugstore bills dwindle away with minimal effort. Access free coupons today on SmartSource.ca, like this coupon for $2 off a Covergirl lip product.

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  • Canada


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