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When the Samsung Galaxy Note was released in 2011, it reflected the fact that smartphone users were using their devices less like phones and much more like tablets. Now that Apple has seen more consumers switching from Android devices to their larger iPhone 6 models than any of the iPhone 5 models, they know that the market demands a user-friendly smartphone that's less for making calls and more for doing absolutely everything else. Win a free iPhone 6s with this special offer from the UK Prize website.

For everyone who couldn't get their hands on the previous year's iPhone model, Apple makes improved, S-grade models that add new features and speed up processors. For example, the iPhone 4S added Siri to its functions and the iPhone 5S was the first to have the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Get ready for the bells and whistles with the iPhone 6S, Apple's most visually compelling S upgrade to date. In addition to a better camera, users will be dazzled by new 3D Touch technology. With a simple click on pop-ups that emerge on your regular screen, you can easily preview emails, "Like" photos and comments on social media, and pull up a contact. It's intuitive, fluid, and makes using your iPhone faster than ever.

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