$1,000 Grocery Quiz


When you draw up your monthly budget, it's hard to ignore the amount you spend on food. Even though you're getting great deals through in-store promotions and coupons, groceries still take a sizable chunk out of your monthly income. Unfortunately, many Americans turn to less healthy alternatives that are more cost efficient and get less nutritional value from their groceries.

Many consumers still think of warehouse stores as selling only large quantities of items that most families couldn't possibly use before they expire or even have room for. However, times have changed, and warehouse stores stock smaller packages of items, designer apparel, and merchandise from Apple, Sony, and Bose. The main focus is still on saving money, but proprietary brands like Kroger's Private Selection, Safeway's Safeway Select, and Costco's Kirkland Signature have expanded their brands to include foods that are fair trade and organic.

With most American families spending over $300 a month on groceries, a $1,000 gift card could pay for three months' worth of groceries. Eat healthier, as you'll be able to afford more fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy. Take part in this special promotion through the link below and you can buy all of your favorite foods without spending a penny. Participation is required to get a free $1,000 grocery gift card.

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