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Find auto financing quickly and easily with Canada Auto Finance. Canada's leading provider of auto loans can help you find auto financing, regardless of your financial situation. You could be picking up your kids from school or buying groceries in a new car.

There's no hassle, no waiting, and no pressure to buy. Online auto financing has never been easier, even with if you're a client who is self-employed, has unpaid collections, divorced, or who has a repossession history. Their network of dealer and lender partners enables them to get you financed. Programs are available for low or no money down, first-time buyers, and of course, applicants with poor credit or no credit at all. Don't settle for a car, van, or truck that you don't want when you get up to $45,000 in financing for a new or used car.

Start by submitting your application through the link below and see how much you can borrow in just 30 seconds. Finish by speaking with your assigned local dealer to find a great car that will suit all of your transportation needs.

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